ONNOR: Your Trusted Distributor of Kask Cycling Helmets in Miami Beach

by Onnor Sport

Welcome to ONNOR, where we bring superior quality to Miami’s cycling enthusiasts as the accredited distributor of Kask cycling helmets in the vibrant locale of Miami Beach.

1. Embrace Safety with ONNOR and Kask

Pairing ONNOR’s commitment to excellence and Kask’s innovative helmet designs, we provide cyclists in Miami with the assurance of safety and style in every ride.

2. Key Features of Kask Cycling Helmets

  • Advanced safety features, including shock absorption
  • Aerodynamic design for optimal performance
  • Adjustable fits for personalized comfort
  • Ventilation systems suitable for Miami’s tropical climate
  • High-quality materials ensuring durability and protection

3. Why Choose Kask Helmets at ONNOR?

  • Official Warranty: As the authorized distributor, we offer official warranties on all Kask helmets.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable team is here to help you choose the perfect helmet.
  • Varied Selection: Discover a wide range of Kask helmets tailored for different cycling disciplines.

4. Connect with ONNOR in Miami Beach

For personalized service and expert advice:

  • Location: Miami Beach, FL, USA
  • Phone: +1 305 927 8433
  • Store Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

5. Authenticity and Assurance with ONNOR

As the official distributor of Kask cycling helmets in Miami, we guarantee every helmet’s authenticity, quality, and performance.

6. Community Engagement and Safety Advocacy

Join ONNOR and Kask in:

  • Promoting cycling safety in Miami Beach
  • Participating in community rides and safety workshops
  • Advocating for responsible cycling within the community

7. Sustainability Initiatives by ONNOR and Kask

Together, we are working towards:

  • Environmentally conscious production processes
  • Recycling initiatives for helmets and packaging
  • Sustainable practices in product development and distribution

8. Customization and Special Orders

  • Personalize your Kask helmet with various accessories
  • Place special orders for unique designs and features
  • Explore customization options for cycling teams and groups


  1. How can I be sure of the authenticity of Kask helmets at ONNOR?

    • We are the official distributor of Kask cycling helmets in Miami, ensuring every product's authenticity and quality.
  2. Can I request a special order or a customized Kask helmet from ONNOR?

    • Yes, we do facilitate special orders and offer customization options on Kask helmets.
  3. Do the Kask helmets at ONNOR come with a warranty?

    • Absolutely, all Kask helmets purchased from ONNOR come with an official warranty.
  4. Is it possible to try on Kask helmets at ONNOR’s Miami Beach location before purchasing?

    • Yes, we encourage customers to try on helmets to find the perfect fit and style before making a purchase.
  5. Does ONNOR offer any community workshops or events focusing on cycling safety with Kask?

    • We regularly participate in and organize community events and workshops focused on cycling safety and responsible biking practices.

In the lively heart of Miami Beach, ONNOR stands as the gateway to premium cycling safety with our extensive range of Kask cycling helmets. As the accredited distributor, we assure not just quality and authenticity, but a passion for cycling safety and community well-being. Join us and elevate your cycling experience in Miami!

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