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ONNOR Makes You Faster

In 2020, the year of COVID, ONNOR started as a new challenge with the idea of making customized triathlon and cycling uniforms. We became a new brand for Cycling, Running and Swimming.

The Founder Carlos Fernandez put together an experienced team of  fashion and graphic designers along with marketing and production professionals. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in making sports clothing to create high-quality apparel helping athletes train and race in comfort and style. His commitment to the brand and his idea has helped him develop a complete clothing line for Swimming, Cycling and Biking.

ONNOR develops activewear for Men and Women that gives them the look that makes them feel great.

ONNOR Makes you Faster

ONNOR comes from the phonetics of the word Honor which means high respect and great esteem. With the O you are Outstanding and always in Order, with the N you are Neat and Nifty, with the R you gain Respect.


O is For Outstanding
N is For Neat
N is For Nifty
O is For Order
R is For Respect


ONNOR designs and manufactures high quality sports clothing for the athlete’s comfort, safety and peace of mind when training or competing.

ONNOR is with those who never stop and never quit, doing all we can, and with everything within our reach to help athletes on their road to victory. Our purpose is to continually move forward to go where others have not, without leaving anyone behind.


ONNOR is a Lifestyle….. Wear it With ONNOR…….

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