Women's black cycling jersey short sleeve
A women's biking top with short sleeves. The vibrant jersey features a dynamic design with bold patterns and colors. It is tailored for female cyclists seeking comfort and style during their rides.
This ladies' cycling shirt is perfect for warm weather rides. The short-sleeved feminine bike jersey provides breathability and freedom of movement. Its sleek design and flattering fit make it an ideal choice for women cyclists.
Enhance your cycling experience with this women's cycle tee. The short-sleeved jersey combines functionality and fashion, ensuring optimal performance while maintaining a stylish look. The lightweight fabric keeps you cool and comfortable on your rides.
Stay cool and comfortable on your cycling adventures with this short-sleeve jersey for women cyclists. The women's biking jersey features moisture-wicking technology and a breathable construction, making it suitable for long rides in various weather conditions.
Designed specifically for women cyclists, this women's biking jersey with sleeves provides an excellent balance of style and functionality. The short-sleeved jersey offers a contoured fit and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable during your rides.

Women's Nitro X1 Black Pro Cycling Jersey

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Cycling Triathlon clothing features

Women's Pro Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve - Black


The PRO Women's Black Cycling Jerseys are the perfect choice for when you need a maximum aerodynamic design and performance. Our PRO Women Cycling Jerseys are intended for those who want a next-to-skin aerodynamic fit with a touch of modern design. We accomplished this through the process of removing the cuffs and collars, minimizing seams and unnecessary features for a cleaner and more PRO look.


  • Body forming fit for superior aerodynamics
  • 2.5 cm European Anti-Slip silicone band gripper on waist
  • Comfortable and lightweight Aerodynamic European fabrics
  • Seamless sleeve and collar design
  • Durable and Self Lubricating (non-Sticky) YKK Zipper
  • 3 Cargo pockets + 1 Hidden pocket
  • Longer sleeves for a more aerodynamic fit
  • Reflective details to ensure safety



    Intended Use:

    • High Performance Racing, Training and Riding

    Temperature Range:

    • Cool/Warm/Hot

      Fit Style:

      • Fitted

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