Women's white Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve
A short-sleeved women's cycling top. The top features a vibrant and energetic pattern, adding a pop of color to the cyclist's ensemble. It is designed with a lightweight and stretchable fabric, offering a comfortable and unrestricted fit.
A ladies' cycling shirt with sleeves that don't reach the wrists. The shirt has a relaxed and casual vibe, perfect for leisurely bike rides or commuting. It is made of a soft and breathable material, ensuring all-day comfort.
A women's biking jersey with a short-sleeved style. The jersey has a dynamic and sporty look, with bold graphics and sleek lines. It is constructed with a moisture-wicking fabric that helps regulate body temperature and prevents chafing.
A feminine bike top featuring sleeves cut above the elbow. The top showcases a trendy and fashionable design, with a mix of patterns and textures. It is crafted from a stretchy and quick-drying fabric, ideal for intense cycling sessions.
A short-sleeve jersey designed for women cyclists. The jersey combines functionality and style, featuring a modern and eye-catching design. It is made of a high-performance fabric that offers optimal breathability and UV protection.

Women's DNA White Elite Cycling Jersey

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Cycling Triathlon clothing features

Women's Elite Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve - White


Women's Bike Jersey - White Cycling Jersey are the perfect choice for when you need maximum comfort and performance. Our Elite Cycling Jerseys are intended for those who want a touch of modern design and comfort. The Elite Jersey features an updated collar, rear pocket layout with a fourth waterproof zip pocket, and surge-seam stitching for a clean finish. It is built with soft and comfortable performance fabrics.


  • Body forming fit for superior aerodynamics
  • 2.5 cm European finished edge silicone band gripper on waist
  • Aero Dynamic Laser Cut sleeve
  • Luxurious and lightweight European fabrics
  • YKK Full length zipper
  • 3 Cargo pockets
  • Longer sleeves for a more aerodynamic fit
  • Reflective details to ensure safety

Intended Use:

  • High Performance Racing, Training and Riding

Temperature Range:

  • Cool/Warm/Hot

Fit Style:

  • Fitted

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